Is Arthritis Hereditary?

There are more than 100 different forms of arthritis and related diseases. The most common types are osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriatic arthritis (PsA), fibromyalgia, and gout. The short answer is yes – there is a genetic predisposition to getting it. However, just because people in your family have this painful condition, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll develop the disease. In fact, there are many things you can do to lessen your risk of arthritis.

In the most common form, OA can cause inflammation and damage to joints when the cartilage that covers the ends of bones degenerates. There are hereditary forms of osteoarthritis that are caused by mutations in genes for collagen. This type of osteoarthritis can first appear at a young age. It can quickly cause severe damage. However, it is not common. According to the Cleveland Clinic, around 40 to 65% of osteoarthritis has a genetic cause, with stronger links for hand and hip cases.

Genetic factors are more strongly linked to cases of RA. Referred to as an autoimmune disease, RA primarily erodes the lining of joints, mistakenly attacking healthy tissue instead of damaged tissue. Sometimes factors such as infection, injury, or smoking can trigger immune system response in more genetically susceptible people. In addition, there are over 100 genes that may be linked to RA and its damaging effects on the immune system.

Arthritis Risk Factors You Can Control

While you can not control your own hereditary disposition, there are things you can do to avoid this debilitating disease.

  • Maintain a healthy weight. Carrying extra body weight places more stress on the large joints like the hips, knees, and ankles. People who are overweight are more likely to develop osteoarthritis. Excess weight can also exacerbate symptoms of pre-existing arthritis. Maintaining a healthy weight can help you keep the disease at bay.
  • Address Health Concerns Quickly: Injury and illness actually increase your risk of developing arthritis. Unaddressed joint injuries can go on to cause your cartilage to deteriorate more quickly. Illness can cause joints to become infected with bacteria. These are serious problems, so seek medical care immediately if you have a joint injury or are ill.
  • Avoid tobacco smoke. Study after study shows that smoking creates additional risk for rheumatoid arthritis and can worsen the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Smokers tend to experience more cartilage loss and struggle with joint swelling in ways nonsmokers don’t.

Joint Supplements

Joint supplements can help to increase joint mobility, reduce inflammation, support cartilage repair, decrease stiffness, and stimulate lubricating fluids in the joints.

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