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Fall Prevention – How to Avoid Injury

fall preventionFalling – accidentally and unexpectedly landing on the ground, usually happens in familiar environments while you are doing your normal, daily activities. You may fall when something bumps into you, trip over something, lose consciousness (from a seizure, stroke, or other health problem), or you are experiencing losing your balance. Falls are a big problem for older adults. So much so that researchers study ways of preventing falls. We have compiled a list of fall prevention tips for older adults.


Physical activity goes a long way toward fall prevention. Consider activities such as walking, swimming, yoga, or tai chi (a gentle exercise that involves slow and graceful dance-like movements). Each of these activities reduces the risk of falling by improving strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. If you tend to avoid physical activity because you’re afraid it will make a fall more likely, talk to your doctor. Your provider may recommend careful exercise programs or refer you to a physical therapist. A physical therapist can create a custom exercise program aimed at improving balance, flexibility, and strength.

Walking with assistance

Using assistive technology and devices including canes, walkers, and devices that can call for assistance at the touch of a button can help avoid falls. A cane can be helpful if you have minor problems with balance or stability, some weakness in your legs, an injury, or pain. If you are elderly, using a single-point cane may help you to walk more comfortably and safely.  And, in some cases, it may make it easier for you to continue living independently.

Install grab bars and handrails

If your mobility is limited, safety devices can be crucial for going up and down stairs, getting on and off the toilet, and stepping in and out of the bathtub without injuring yourself. Consider installing grab bars by toilets and bathtubs and handrails in stairways and hallways. Have a handyman or family member help with the installation if necessary.

Sensible Shoes

Socks are comfortable, but they present a slipping risk. Preventing falls at home can be as simple as wearing a comfortable pair of shoes. You can also purchase nonslip socks that have grips on the soles of the feet if shoes are not comfortable at home. High-heeled shoes, floppy slippers, and shoes with slick soles can make you slip, stumble, or fall. So can walking in your stocking feet. Instead, wear properly fitting, sturdy, flat shoes with nonskid soles. Sensible shoes may also reduce joint pain.

Light up the home

Keep your home brightly lit to avoid tripping on objects that are hard to see. Also, consider:

  • Placing night lights in your bedroom, bathroom, and hallways.
  • Place a lamp within reach of your bed in case you need to get up in the middle of the night.
  • Make clear paths to light switches that aren’t near room entrances. Consider swapping out traditional switches for glow-in-the-dark or illuminated switches.
  • Turn on the lights before going up or down the stairs.
  • Store flashlights in easy-to-find places in case of power outages.

Avoiding Falls Around Pets

If you have a pet:

  • Don’t step over pets – make them move out of your way. Often times if you attempt to step over a pet it will move and can cause a fall injury.
  • Keep pet items like toys and food/water bowls out of paths and walkways to avoid tripping over them. Wipe up any spills immediately.
  • Look around you to see where your pets are before walking, especially on steps and near doorways.
  • Put a collar with a bell on your pet so that you can hear when it is near.
  • Train your pets not to jump up on you or others while you are standing.
  • Make sure your pet gets an appropriate amount of exercise; this will help it behave at home.

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