Do Joint Pain Creams Work?

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Do Joint Pain Creams Really Work?

joint pain creams -3821116-back-pain-xs-300x23811.jpg@t142246261679711You have heard about joint pain creams. Everyone’s been there at least once. Maybe it’s a sudden tinge or a quick, painful ache in a sore spot somewhere on the body. Was it the knee after climbing a flight of stairs? The shoulder after a morning on the tennis court?

That’s when the same old remedies make their way out: a bag of frozen vegetables on the sore spot, maybe a heating pad and some lying down. Then a check of the medicine cabinet for that chemical-smelling ointment dad used to use.

But what if there was a joint pain cream that could help keep the frozen foods in the freezer and do away with the raggedy old heating pad?

Flexcin’s Motion Lotion is a joint pain cream that is designed to be fast-acting and easy-to-use to knock out pain.* What makes Motion Lotion stand out is its natural, no side-effect formula with patented CM8, invented by Dr. Harry Deihl in 1962. Motion Lotion doesn’t bring that burning sensation or freezing feeling to your skin, nor does it have a scent that can clear out a room.

This joint pain cream doesn’t have nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, better known by the FDA as NSAIDs, which have brought about warnings for potential liver damage associated with both topical and ingested products.

When pairing Flexcin Motion Lotion with Flexcin’s Joint Maintenance formula capsules, those stairs will be a breeze and you’ll never have to come off the tennis court.*

About Motion Lotion – Joint Pain Cream

Motion Lotion is designed to provide fast and effective relief from symptoms of sports injuries, repetitive movement, inflamed joints, neck and low back strain or pain, muscular and joint aches and some types of nerve inflammation.* Results are best if applied as directed and taken in conjunction with Flexcin with CM8 capsules which work from the inside out to nourish joints and reduce inflammation.*

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However, we do have an “It works or it’s free!” guarantee. If you try Flexcin Motion Lotion and are not fully satisfied with the results, you may return the empty container (up to 3) for a full refund of the purchase price. And, if you would just like to try a small amount, we have a 7-day supply available for only $5.

Due to a huge demand on our free Samples we are now out of stock.

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site-home-flare-money-back-gIf you’re not satisfied with the results you experience simply return your first order (up to three empty bottles) for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling. (excludes 7 day supply)

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