What Causes Palindromic Rheumatism?

Palindromic Rheumatism, also known as Hench-Rosenberg Syndrome or Palindromic Arthritis is a musculoskeletal disease characterized by a palindromic (or recurring) joint pain and stiffness. This type of rheumatoid arthritis gets its name because it is unique in that it will go away and come back from time to time. The word “palindrome” refers to a word that it the same backwards and forward (kayak, radar, racecar, etc.) and therefore the name was applied to this condition as well.  

What causes Palindromic Rheumatism?

As Dr. Sievers says in the video, the causes are autoimmune related.  The body is creating anti-bodies just like it would if it were fighting off an infection. In this case they are attacking healthy cells and causing joint problems.

Common symptoms

The hands are usually affected, pain in the hands is very common with arthritis. With Palindromic Rheumatism the pain experienced is typically symmetrical, it would be in the joints of both feet or hands.  It could be any joint on your body, but it can become tender, red and often swollen. These are all indications that the body is in a sense, destroying the joint tissue, through an abnormal autoimmune response.

How did I get it?

Modern medical science points to a genetic cause for arthritis, you have the markers for Palindromic Rheumatism in your genes. There are multiple factors which can activate these genes and make these symptoms much more likely to occur. Lifestyle, diet, gastrointestinal health can all play a part in the likelihood and intensity of your arthritis pain.

What can you do?


The first thing you should look at is Lifestyle. Staying active and fit can make a serious improvement on many aspects of your life and it certainly plays a part in mitigating arthritis symptoms. Here are a few past articles we have published about staying active with arthritis:


The next thing to look at is your diet. Just as with staying active, eating healthy foods can have a significant impact on your quality of life especially when it comes to dealing with joint pain from arthritis.  Take a look at our past articles for heaps of info on diet and arthritis:


A way to control your diet and add hard to get nutrients is through supplementation. Here at Flexcin we offer a range of joint supplements, of course, but if you are looking for more information on exactly why you might want to go the route of supplements or what you should look for in a joint supplement, take a look at our free e-book on the subject by clicking the image below.

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  1. I have this is debilitating and Beyond my capability of coping with the pain. There is nothing that eases the pain absolutely nothing. When it first began I was so absolutely terrified because I had no idea what was going on and why one day I was fine and the next day I couldn’t even walk as so my leg was broken. It would return, and be in my arm, and then again it would return and be at my wrist and then it would return and be in my hand. Nobody could figure it out. The Boise VA finally made it diagnosis. It offered some relief to know that there was something and it wasn’t some crazy thing but I was imagining. The physical evidence obviously showed that I was not imagining it but still when frequent trips to the emergency room and attendants would be just looking at me as though I was some drug addict looking for needle marks things of that nature broke my heart. I was not your intervenience drug user or trashed out individual I just was suffering. With the stresses me most is that there is definitive cure or cause for these things to happen to me. There are no drugs that will ease the pain. They would put a intravenous morphine drip in me at the time of these horrific things and my pain level when I would go in was a 10 and I would leave the pain level at 9 and 1/2. There are no drugs to my knowledge that can ease you through this. There is nothing

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