The First Step in Managing Arthritis Pain

Managing arthritis pain is perhaps the most difficult aspect of living with the condition. As an incurable condition, a variety of treatments exist, but none that can completely eliminate the unwanted symptoms. At some point, pain or weakness can hinder the level and quality of activity both in the workplace, and at home. The first step in efficiently managing your symptoms to increase productivity and reduce stress, is simply conversing about it.

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When arthritis pain begins to affect your performance at home or in the office, it is important to discuss your intentions, feelings, and difficulties with whomever you believe may be experiencing the effects of your limited output. Research has shown that openly discussing your pain, symptoms, and concerns can result in positive psychological benefits ranging from empowerment, to a reduction in stress.

People who do so, and receive adequate social support, often experience less pain and an improved sense of well-being. This in turn reduces the chances of depression and anxiety, both of which are quite common in patients that see reduced productivity as a result of arthritic pain.

Peer-to-peer support is a crucial aspect in managing arthritis pain. Gaining that support can only come from making your condition, needs, and abilities evident through discourse and education. Most people who don’t suffer from the condition know next to nothing about it. Everyone is facing their own struggle on a daily basis, and unless we’re privy to that information, it becomes hard to understand the situation and abilities of our peers.

A large part of improving your quality of life is understanding your limits and being able to live up to them. If something is difficult because of pain or inability, make that known, both to yourself and your peers.


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