The Benefits of Yoga For Arthritis

yoga for arthritis The practice of yoga is a combination of meditation, exercises and postures, as well as breathing techniques. The benefits of yoga are not only exercise, but also improvement of mental and physical health, and even the reduction of arthritis symptoms. Yes, you heard that right, yoga is good for your arthritis. It’s also simple to begin as an every day routine and easy on your joints. Below we’ve outlined 4 of the many benefits of yoga for arthritis.


1. Helps reduce joint pain

Yoga is an excellent example of low impact exercise for your joints which promotes healthy body weight, flexibility, and stability. Studies have shown that regular yoga practice not only reduces joint pain; it also decreases muscle stiffness, and overall discomfort. By keeping your joints flexible and maintaining your range of motion, pain is less likely to occur.

 2. Reduces stress

Yoga’s mental components include introspective thought and meditation. These practices aim to bring about mindfulness of negative feelings such as anxiety and pain, finding their sources, and learning to relax them. Yoga is a way of developing communication with your own body. This communication allows for self-management of your mind and emotions. By becoming aware during your practice you will become calmer and less stressed.

 3. Improve joint flexibility

It’s been previously established that for stronger joints and less joint pain, flexibility is key. Stretching is good, but you can take this a step farther by practicing yoga. Because yoga’s postures and movements are slow and fluid, it allows the joints to easily move over one another enabling mobility and strength, without causing more damage. Flexibility also makes it easier for you to move and complete your daily tasks.

4. It is gentle enough to do every day

The best part about yoga is that it is an exercise regimen that is gentle enough to do every day. It’s important to have an instructor who knows your needs and can give you correct poses that benefit your arthritis. Most yoga poses can be modified to fit your circumstances. Yoga is a safe alternative to many weight-bearing exercises that may further damage weak joints; it actually strengthens the muscles around them. With that being said, we recommend not overdoing it and taking a day off if your joints require it.

All types of exercise are beneficial for arthritis, but yoga has mental and physical health benefits. You can reduce stress, manage pain, improve flexibility, and complete low impact exercises all at once! Yoga will strengthen your joints and reduce your pain levels. It can be an easy complement to other joint pain relief options, like natural joint supplements. Using joint supplements and practicing yoga will attack joint pain from all angles.

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