Sudden Joint Pain

sudden-back-painSudden Onset Joint Pains? Hips, Knees, Back & More?

  • Joint pains are very common in individuals older than 45. However, joint pain can easily be a problem for any adult if care is not given to one’s health. Injuries or health conditions like Bursitis, Hepatitis and many other can often be the common causes of joint pain. No matter what causes pain in the joints, the experience is always very stressful and bothersome especially if you are a working adult. In order to understand the pain of joints in general, it is important to know what causes the pain and what are the preventative methods and treatments.


Types of Causes

As mentioned earlier, joint pain can suddenly appear in your body if you ignore your health. There are a number of different reasons when a joint pain can suddenly start. Some of these very common reasons are listed below:

Whenever you suffer from sudden joint pain, you have likely experienced one of the causes listed above. Joint pain can easily be recognized by its clear and obvious symptoms. If you discover sharp pain in one of your joints such as knees, you are likely experiencing sudden joint pain. Depending on the cause and condition of the pain, it may or may not go away without proper treatment. This is why it is recommended that as soon as you discover sudden joint pain in one of your joints; visit your general practitioner for immediate check up. If however you have yet to experience sudden or chronic joint pains, following are some important home preventative considerations to take to stop joint pains in their track:

Consume Fatty Acids

  • Omega 3 and 4 fatty acids are great for joints. Ensure you consume these fatty acids on a regular basis. Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely common and are often found in seafood. You can also get omega 3 and 4 fatty acids directly from consuming fish oil. Fish oil is easily available from pharmacies in the form of gel tablets and can be consumed with food or own its own.

Increase Physical Activity

  • Joint pain can often come in your way when you are following a busy routine. One of the easiest ways to get rid of common joint pains is to increase the amount of physical activity in your daily lives. You can start bringing in common stretching exercises that do not put too much strain on the painful joints. For instance, if you suffer from joint pain in the knees, you should immediately stop cycling, instead just walk. Walking is considered the best remedy for knee joint pains. There are other similar stretching exercises for other joints in the body.

Get A Massage Often

  • If you suffer from light joint pain or just want to relieve stress, a massage is an excellent way to get things in order. Get yourself a massage as often as possible to ensure that no joint pains ever invade your body. It is often recommended to get a message from a professional, however if you want, you can also do it yourself. When messaging yourself, try to focus on the area that suffers from joint pain or other muscle aches to instantly gain relief.


  • Cryotherapy which is commonly referred to as Ice Therapy is a great way to relieve joint pain. Ice causes the temperature in the body to lower which in turn reduces the flow of blood. When the flow of blood is reduced, the tissue swelling is reduced as well. When going for this method of joint pain prevention, make sure you do not apply ice directly to the affected area because it can cause ice burns. Always conduct Ice Therapy using water or ice bags. If a water or ice bag is not available, use a towel.

You Need To Live Right?

Joint pains can be very painful and can almost bring a full stop to your daily life. If you are a working adult, you absolutely cannot allow joint pains to stop you from your daily activities. The above considerations should easily get rid of any common joint pains. However, if joint pain refuses to go away over a long period of time, you should immediately seek guidance from an experienced professional.

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