Should Chondroitin Be In My Joint Supplement?

Chondroitin Joint SupplementsIf you know how to pick the right one, taking a joint supplement as a complement to your daily diet may increase your mobility and quality of life. In order to choose the right joint supplement, it’s imperative to know what the ingredients are. You’ll need to understand how each ingredient will affect your body and contribute to your joint health. To help you understand the effects of chondroitin, we’ve outlined the side effects that may occur when taking a supplement that contains a form of this ingredient.


Side Effects

Chondroitin has been labeled as “likely safe” for most people, but it has been reported to possibly cause some of the following uncomfortable side effects. It’s important to consider these side effects and your own health when shopping for the best joint supplement. You’ll also need to think about what current medications you are taking and their potential reactions to joint supplements. Keep in mind these possible side effect risks when taking a supplement that includes chondroitin in its ingredient list:

  •  Stomach pain/nausea
  • Diarrhea/constipation
  • Swollen eyelids/swollen legs
  • Hair loss
  • Irregular heartbeat

Do Not Take If..

Asthma – There has been concern surrounding chondroitin and asthma sufferers. Chondroitin may make asthma worse. If you have asthma, use supplements that contain chondroitin with caution.

Pregnant and breast-feeding – At this time there is not enough information about the use of chondroitin during pregnancy and breast-feeding. For that reason we recommend avoiding use during these times.

Prostate cancer – Right now, initial studies suggest that chondroitin may cause the recurrence or spread of prostate cancer. This outcome has not necessarily been seen in chondroitin supplements. To be safe, do not take supplements that contain chondroitin if you have prostate cancer or are at high risk for developing it.

Other Concerns

Safety – There is some worry about the safety of chondroitin because it is derived from animal sources. Because of this, there is a risk that manufacturing practices might lead to contamination of chondroitin products with infected animal tissues, such as those that may carry bovine spongiform encephalopathy. To date, there is no evidence that chondroitin causes disease in humans, but more studies need to be completed.

What do the Studies Say?

Studies also do not confirm that chondroitin works effectively to reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis when taken by mouth. The reasons for inconsistent results in studies that use chondroitin are uncertain. It may be caused by differences in products, study design, or study subjects. In general, studies suggest that people with osteoarthritis can gain some advantage from taking chondroitin, but pain relief is likely to be insignificant.

Now that we’ve outlined the possible side effects and concerns of taking a joint supplement that includes chondroitin, we hope that you will be more informed on the best way to choose your joint supplement. Knowing exactly what types of ingredients your joint supplement has and how they are made should be an important part of your decision making process.

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