Natural Supplements and Remedies for Psoriatic Arthritis

We recently discussed the different forms of psoriatic arthritis and their symptoms. If you currently have one of these, chances are you have begun contemplating a means of treatment. The symptoms are painful and not easy to deal with, as treatment options are few and far between. Luckily, there are several natural remedies available that people have had success with.


Fish Oil

Fish oil has long been touted as an anti-inflammatory substance. Studies show individuals who supplement with fish oil, or include fatty fish in their diet, have dramatically lower rates of arthritis overall. For those who have already developed the condition, fish oil can still help by relieving joint pain and inflammation.

Vitamin D

People diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis commonly have vitamin D deficiencies. While the body produces most of the necessary vitamin D in response to sun exposure, certain foods such as salmon and milk also make for good sources. Some studies have shown that vitamin D supplementation can help ease joint pain as well.


Acupuncture has been used to treat just about every form of arthritis, with varying degrees of effectiveness. The studies of acupuncture efficacy are somewhat conflicting, with some pointing to dramatic benefits, whereas other studies show it has little or no effect on arthritic symptoms. It appears, at least for now, that acupuncture can only be measured on an individual basis, where some people find it works, and others simply do not.


Massage therapy is beneficial for almost every type of arthritis. Licensed massage therapists use techniques to stimulate and loosen specific muscles, joints, and tendons. Some therapists can even modify their treatment to suit your specific condition and needs.

Comprehensive Arthritis Supplements

There are a handful of supplements formulated to specifically address arthritis symptoms. Look for a joint supplement that has multiple, proven ingredients, with a reputation for good manufacturing practices.


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