Are There Natural Relief Alternatives to Opioids?

According to government research, in 2019, over 200,000 Americans suffered from addiction to opioids or ilicit opioidal drugs. In fact, last year more people died from opioid overdoses and addicition than gun violence and car accidents combined.  This is a serious epidemic in the United States, and chances are you may know someone who is in serious trouble from an addiction.

Typically people use or get prescribed opioids due to chronic or severe pain. They are prescribed after surgeries or when someone goes to a doctor complaining of pain. For many years doctors prescribed these drugs with very little warning regarding the dangers of addiciton. Major pharmaceutical companies have made massive profits by hiring represenatives to encourage doctors to prescribe the drugs they manufacture. The drugs are on television commercials repeatedly showing people living normal lives, but notice how half of the commercial is typically describing the negative side effects that are possible from taking medications?

As a response to pain our bodies naturally produce endorphins. These hormones are secreted within the brain and nervous system and have a number of physiological functions. They are peptides which activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect in the body. When someone suffers from an injury causing severe pain that seems unbearable, and the natural endorphin response does not seem adequate, this is when opioids are usually prescribed. What happens in the body though after repeated use of opioids is that the natural endorphins are released less and less because the synthetic drug has taken it’s place. Over time this is how addiciton develops.


There are many non-opioid alternatives for people who suffer from chronic issues and who want to avoid the side effects of medications, such as:

  • Exercise and Movement – Exercise naturally helps the body release pain fighting endorphins. Movement increases blood flow and gets the heart beating more rapidly to allow the distribution of essential fluids and compounds throughout the body. When someone is in pain the thought often is to rest and limit movement allowing the body to heal, however, movement and exercise s help to bring blood to and from the injured area and help to improve the condition. Exercise also helps with depression.
  • Applying Heat and Cold – Heat treatments should be used for chronic pain conditions to help relax and loosen tissues and to stimulate blood flow to the area. Use heat treatments for conditions such as overuse injuries or before participating in activities. Applying ice packs can help minimize swelling around an injury, reduce bleeding into tissue, and reduce muscle spasm and pain. Applying an ice pack early and often for the first 48 hours after injury helps minimize swelling, and decreasing swelling around an injury will help to control the pain.
  • MassagesMassage is increasingly being offered or recommended along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. Studies of the benefits of massage show it to be an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.
  • Physical Therapy – Physical therapists are trained professionals who assist to identify deficiencies in the biomechanics of the body. Working with a physical therapist can target specific areas of weakness in the way our bodies function. They can help relieve stress and help the body function with less pain.
  • Supplements – Dietary supplements can be a very useful part of an integrative and alternative approach to the treatment of chronic conditions. Do your research on finding the right supplement that may help with your condition.

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