Lose Weight & Protect Joints with this Raw Food

This particular raw food is not only relatively cheap and super easy to find, but a new study indicates that it can help lose weight. Not only great for losing weight, but they also contain essential fatty acids that can help protect joints and reduce inflammation – an all natural joint pain relief remedy, if you will. Curious as to what it is? You may be surprised.


In a recent review of a study that included 31 trials, researchers discovered that people with a diet that included raw nuts, whether eaten alone or with other foods, lost an extra pound and a half when compared to people who did not.

These new findings further contribute to the already proven benefits of raw nut consumption. Previously, nuts have been associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and joint issues.

Not All Nuts are Created Equal

While generally all raw nuts are healthy, some are denser in nutrients and essential fatty acids than others. Walnuts and almonds have always been considered as some of the healthiest nuts to consume raw, but other health-boosting nutrient-carrying nuts include macadamia and pecans, just to name a few.

Nuts are best consumed as a snack whenever feeling particularly hungry, but unable to eat a full meal. Due to their abundance of nutrients (vitamins & minerals) and protein, they are quite filling. Raw organic nuts are the healthiest options, as the roasting process can break down some of these nutrients.

Overall, nuts are an enjoyable healthy snack that are cheap and easy. What more could you really ask for in a food? Nutin’.


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