Joint Replacement Considerations

Joint replacement surgery is a common procedure for people struggling with arthritis and painful joints. It is a relatively common operation, but weighing the risks and benefits is important for each individual considering their options. While there is very little to fear of the surgery itself, knowing what is involved could sway your decision.



  • Pain relief: The primary reason people opt for joint replacement is to alleviate the daily pain experienced from a bad joint. A painful joint can make life very difficult, simple motor skills become a chore, and the constant pain can eventually have a significant impact on one’s mental state.
  • Improved Joint Function: Increased mobility and flexibility is the second most common reason for joint replacement. Although this is far more difficult to predict, and varies from person to person, after the healing process is complete, most people find that their overall mobility has improved.



  • Expense: The expense involved in any surgical procedure is vast. Many people cannot afford such procedures, and the ones that can, may struggle with finances later on.
  • Danger: As with any surgery, there are certain inherent dangers such as blood clotting and infection. Certain individuals with compromised immune systems face more risks than others.
  • Inefficient Function: A new implant or replacement may not work as well as one had hoped. Stiffness and weakness are two common complaints after a joint is replaced. Rehabilitation can be a huge factor in how effectively a new joint will function.


The decision of whether to opt for joint replacement can only be made by the individual. Doing the research, speaking with physicians, and weighing the risks and benefits are all essential to making the correct choice.

It is important to try other means, like natural joint pain relief prior to considering surgery. Oftentimes people can find relief through other non-invasive means, such as supplementation and general lifestyle change. These options are far less expensive and easier, so it only makes sense to investigate first.


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