Joint Mobility Exercises Pt. 3

Continuing with our series of Joint Mobility Exercises, Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Justin Check checks in with five easy to do exercises. These are low impact mobility exercises that require nothing more than a dining room chair. These exercises help get your blood flowing, energize you and best of all are good for your joints.

Cat & Cow Joint Mobility Exercise:

Watch the video and follow Justin’s instructions. Try to do these exercises at least 10 repetitions, depending on your comfort level.

Windmill Mobility Exercise:

This thoracic spine warm-up exercise stretches the upper back. Don’t forget to breathe through each rep. Follow along with the video and repeat three to four times on each side.

Hip Floss Mobility Exercise:

This is a great hip and glute warm-up exercise. Follow along with the video and try to do five to ten reps with each leg.

Hamstring Mobility Exercise:

This joint mobility exercise stretches the hamstring muscle. Remember to take it slowly and breathe.

Chair Pose Joint Mobility Exercise:

This classic chair pose mobility exercise repeats sitting and standing. It stretches out the entire body.

About Justin Check, NSCA-CPT – Being in the health and fitness industry for the past 8 years, I’ve seen countless diet and supplement trends come and go. As a certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach, part of my job is to educate and inform people about effective supplements they can use in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. This is because I know these are the keys to feeling your best and attaining the highest quality of life possible.

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