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Tamer Elsafy, CEO and founder of Flexcin, was invited by the Sun-Sentinel’s editorial board to address the growing frustrations many seniors on Medicare and Medicaid have with prescription drug plans that simply don’t work for them. Available online and at local health food stores without a prescription, supplements are a great alternative for preventative health without the need for an expensive doctor visit or prescription.


Where do different cities rank among joint discomfort sufferers? Flexcin conducted a survey and ranked the cities and found some very interesting results. Philadelphia made the list, so one Philadelphia media outlet wanted


Flexcin was an exhibitor at the Natural Products Marketplace show in Las Vegas. Here’s a write-up that spotlights Flexcin at the show.


With doctors’ visits and the cost of prescriptions on the rise, all-natural health food stores carrying supplements like Flexcin are also on the rise. This article discusses the trend and spotlights a few area stores carrying the Flexcin supplement to help with joint nutrition.


LA Splash is known for its new product spotlights and gift guides. The website showcased Flexcin as one of the hottest new products to hit the market, helping people of all ages with better joint nutrition and joint health, also serving as one of the year’s best gift ideas.


Flexcin is a great supplement for fitness professionals who occasionally feel joint stiffness and want to gain back overall joint mobility without having to take a prescription medication. Flexcin was featured in Sky Yoga talking about its rich, all-natural benefits.


The cost to see a doctor continues to skyrocket, due in large part to the failing health care system in the U.S. Even people who can afford or wait to get in to see a doctor are then exposed to the harsh realities of the cost of prescriptions (not to mention the adverse side effects). Flexcin was featured as a great, all-natural alternative for people seeking joint nutrition and joint health therapy.


The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is increasing in the United States. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), about 38% of adults in the US used some form of CAM in 2007. Flexcin is talked about in this important article as a great alternative being used for joint health.


A Flexcin survey found that two women for every man used the Internet to search for medical information. The survey points out some very interesting trends and data points, all based on research collected by Flexcin’s customers.


Published for all-natural health enthusiasts, Natural Products Marketplace showcases the latest and greatest products available with all-natural ingredients. Flexcin with CM8 was profiled, addressing the supplements benefits of bringing back joint health and joint nutrition to people of all ages.

New Living Magazine

Flexcin was featured in its new products section, which focuses on all-natural products and selections for the body, mind and spirit. The magazine is widely read by people of all ages throughout the country who wish to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. The write-up highlighted Flexcin’s all-natural benefits as well as CM8, which works to rebuild the cartilage and bring back overall joint mobility.

The Senior Times

The Senior Times, published for and read by thousands of active seniors throughout the United States, published an article written by Flexcin CEO and founder, Tamer Elsafy, on the importance of natural supplements. Active seniors rely on supplements to feel and stay young and healthy, and natural supplements such as Flexcin with CM8 play a big role in terms of overall joint health, nutrition and mobility.