If you’re male, drinking this may worsen osteoarthritis

Researchers have found that certain sugar-packed beverages can speed the progression of osteoarthritis in men, particularly in the knee region. The study, which examined more than 2,000 people, found no such link within the female demographic.

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Bing Lu, M.D., Dr.P.H., assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, concluded that the more sugary soda men consume, the greater their chances of worsening osteoarthritis in the knee. The researchers say the connection has nothing to do with the caloric content of soda and the associated weight gain; the connection remains a mystery. Every participant’s body weight and BMI were taken into account in an effort to avoid false conclusions that may be linked to other external factors.

While research has yet to determine exactly why sugary sodas worsen knee OA, the experts agree on one thing: avoid drinking soda. While the study is relatively new within the medical community and not yet solidified, it is still a wise decision to avoid such beverages, as previous studies have shown that sugary sodas can cause other health complications, such as heart disease.

Avoiding sugar-laden beverages like soda can deliver an array of long-term health benefits. As you probably already know, OA impairs joint function and mobility. Excess body weight can compound and accelerate the problem. Cutting out something like soda can lead to weight loss and relief from OA symptoms. Soda also accelerates tooth decay and promotes cavities. Oral health is often overlooked and even undervalued as an essential aspect of personal health care when, in fact, it can impact your overall health and well being.

Do yourself a favor and cut the soda. After a time you’ll quickly realize how easy and healthy it is to do without!


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