How to Lower your Risk of Developing Arthritis

By the time you reach the age of sixty, you’ll have a twenty percent chance of developing arthritis. Millions of people across the world are afflicted with the arthritis and it makes even the simplest of tasks more difficult and painful. What people don’t often realize is that there are numerous ways to reduce your chances of ever developing the condition.


Osteoarthritis is caused by the eventual degradation of the joints and surrounding cartilage, and is the easiest form of arthritis to prevent.

Maintain a proper body weight

Overweight and obesity are the leading causes of osteoarthritis in women. By simply maintaining a healthy weight, you are not putting excess stress on the joints and accelerating the breakdown of bone and cartilage.

Seek medical care for injuries

The most common cause of osteoarthritis in men is sports injuries. If you ever sustain an injury, seek medical care as soon as possible. Sports medicine has had dramatic advancements in the last few years and these specialized doctors can prevent acute injuries from becoming chronic.

Exercise or stretch every day

Low impact exercise and stretching can work wonders for the joints. They help to strengthen and support joint tissue, while increasing your overall range of motion.

Supplement your healthy diet

Natural supplements for joint pain like Flexcin taken in conjunction with a healthy diet can reduce your risk of joint complications dramatically. Certain joint supplements are formulated to support joint health and increase mobility. With a proper diet, you are feeding your joints with all the essential nutrients for strong bones, cartilage, and tissue.

Follow these tips and you can live happier knowing your chances of developing arthritis are lower. All of these tips can also apply to individuals already affected by the condition.

Do you have arthritis? What do you do to help combat the problem?


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