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Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

joint painShoulder pain is a very common joint problem. It can affect anyone. Shoulder pain may involve the cartilage, ligaments, muscles, nerves, or tendons. It can also include the shoulder blade, neck, arm, and hand. Seeking early treatment is important. It can take several weeks or longer for shoulder pain to heal. At-home shoulder pain remedies may help you to recover more quickly. Here are some at-home remedies to help relieve a sore shoulder.

Cold Compress

The general cause of shoulder pain is inflammation. And, ice is a natural remedy for inflammation. Ice brings relief by slowing down blood flow to the area. So try applying ice to your sore shoulder for 20 minutes and try to elevate the shoulder. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep your hand behind your back because in this position the rotator cuff tendons come out from hiding underneath the shoulder bone. You can ice your sore shoulder 3 to 4 times a day.

Keep Your Elbow by Your Side

Keeping your elbow at your side when you have shoulder pain gives your shoulder a break. Using an arm sling or armrest can be helpful for extreme pain, but it is not recommended for a long period of time.

Be Mindful of Your Neck

Neck problems can cause shoulder pain. Because of the close connection of the shoulders and neck, they have an impact on each other. Some gentle neck stretches can help and are easily done at home. Getting rid of old pillows and mattresses can aid in decreasing neck and shoulder pain. A new thicker pillow should provide more support.

Relieve Stress

Getting to the root of your shoulder pain is key in helping get rid of it. Stress may be contributing to your pain. First, try to give your shoulder a break from exercise and overbearing weight. Next try to review your daily habits such as posture, sleep positions, and other motions that may impact shoulder pain.

Strengthen Your Rhomboids

The muscles between your shoulders are your rhomboids. They are essential for normal shoulder movements. Strong rhomboid muscles help hold your shoulders back, help support the weight of your arm, and enable you to reach, push, and pull effectively. Here are some exercises for shoulder pain.


While extremely high heat can aggravate the skin, a warm shower, thermal gel, or heating pad may help to relax stiff, sore shoulders. When using heat in the form of a compress to relieve joint or muscle pain, however, it’s important to limit exposure to 10-15 minutes at a time. Try this using a heating pad to warm your shoulder. Also, do some gentle exercises rotating your shoulder. This will help warm up your muscles for more exercise and increase circulation.


Massage and stretching are extremely beneficial for treating shoulder pain. Massage helps to relieve tension and tightness so your muscles can relax. This helps to restore mobility and improve function. It also may help improve blood flow to the affected area and reduce inflammation. Make sure to drink water before and after a massage. This helps to remove any toxins released during the massage.

Joint Supplements

Joint supplements may help relieve inflammation, reduce pain levels, and boost overall joint health. In addition to these at-home remedies, an all-natural joint supplement like Flexcin may help relieve your shoulder pain symptoms.

Having shoulder pain can be a nuisance, but it doesn’t have to last forever or keep you from doing your favorite activities. The first step is to try some of these easy home remedies for shoulder pain when you start to ache. We also recommend seeing your doctor if the pain worsens.

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