Flexicus helps pro-athlete make EuroCup2012 Basketball Team

Flexicus user Brahsheedah Elohim has been chosen to be part of the Eurocup 2012/2013 international women’s basketball tournament, starting in October. After playing several successful seasons for the Ashdod team, she was selected to represent the country playing for Elitzur Ramla against the best players that Europe has.

When we asked her about the training, she told us how much it helped to be able to really push hard every day pain free, and how secure she felt knowing that he joints were well protected while she was putting them under such incredible stress. “My body, joints, flexibility and range of motion have all continued to get stronger and improve while taking Flexicus. I was worried about my knees, especially from past injuries as well as injuring them before the season, but I have not had any problems with them and I am training at a top level day in and out.”

Congrats on your selection for the EuroCup 2012 Brahsheedah, and keep training hard!


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