FDA Adds To Their Warning – NSAID’s Increase Heart Attack & Stroke Risk

stopYou can skip to my story below, but please read the updated FDA warning about NSAID’s just below this.

Many of Flexcin customers “including myself” were past users of many NSAID products. There are many types/brands of NSAID’s as well: Aspiring, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen are the most popular.  But there are many many more prescribed products as well.

NSAID stands for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They are pain relievers. Rather than go into them in detail here, you can visit WebMd to learn what they are and how they work.

What The FDA Says?

The main point of this article is that many of our customers were once users of NSAID’s.  They decided to give Flexcin a try & learn why it works. With good reason! Over the years there have been many problems with different types of  nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This includes allergic reactions, leaky gut, and a handful of others.  Again don’t take our word for it. You can visit WebMd again to learn about side effects and other issues.

This is the most important “piece of info” to pay attention to here…. The FDA warning on NSAID’s increasing stroke and heart attack risks! That is some serious info & I highly suggest you CLICK HERE to read what the FDA has to say bout this!

My Story Of Taking Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and other pain relievers

  • There was a time I took ibuprofen, aspirin, and even naproxen “Aleve” for those times I was really sore from sports or had some random aches and pains. The thing was, that is what you were told to take! You have some pain, here take some Tylenol, or some Advil. Did they help? Sure, but what was the risk?
  • Well for me there were a few things, and again this is my story, but I have heard others talk about similar situations.

When I Last Took An NSAID

  • I had a crazy issue. I was breaking out in hives and was more sore than ever. Sure I was getting older, but jeesh really!! People always told me it sucks to get old, or you can’t keep playing basketball, softball, or working out like that etc… I always thought they were crazy! No way I am going to stop doing the things I love, but the truth was that every time I was playing a sport I would break out in hives, and I was having hives through out the day!
  • It turns out it was the ibuprofen I had been taking! I could not believe it! After eliminating ibuprofen wouldn’t you know the hives were gone and I was actually less sore!
  • God only knows what it was doing to me. Some say leaky gut, others just that my body was rejecting it. Even a few doctors I went to didn’t really know! Before I figured out what is was I also went to an allergist and get this!!!?? He told me this was just normal and told me to start taking Zantac to coat my stomach and Allegra for the rash. After about a week I went back and told him there was an underlying issue and I was not going to stick with what he told me. He was not happy about it and told me he did not agree. Anyways I was on my way to better things!

I Can’t Swallow! What The Heck

  • So after realizing it was Ibuprofen “Advil” I really had less pain, but there were days I had some aches and what not so I took some aspirin. I was more of an advil user before that and I honest did not know what an NSAID was and that aspirin is one!
  • I remember taking a few pills then later feeling like I had something stuck in my throat. You know when you swallow, but it just doesn’t go down? I didn’t really think anything of it, then it happened again.
  • My wife had actually made me Alka Seltzer one night and the same thing happened. Well long story short the next time I took aspirin I realized the connection and that is what was causing this “throat tightness”

Me Jumping For Joy! Not Really, But How I Feel For Sure!

NSAID FREE Since 2008!

  • So yeah 2008 was the last time I took anything like that! I honestly felt so much better! I was never as sore or had aches like I did when I was taking the stuff that is “supposed” to be helping me!
  • Do I still get aches, soreness, and pain? Of course I do. That is part of life, but I also realize that a good diet, and keeping up with the exercises helps a lot more. Your body knows what it is doing all the time, you just need to let it do what it has to do!

Step In Flexcin…

  • Back in about 2011 I was looking for something natural to help with some knee pain. I knew the majority of joint pain products had simliar ingredients, like glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, but when I saw that Flexcin had CM8 as well as bromelain “great for reducing inflammation I wanted to give it a try.
  • I ran a lot more and as a bigger guy 6’3″ it was taking its toll on my knees. After about 3 weeks of using Flexcin I was noticing less acute pain in my knees which was great.
  • I still use Flexcin when I am training more intensely for certain events and I would have to say it really is my advantage .

I wrote this to let people know the dangers of NSAID’s and the FDA warning about NSAID’s. After all I had been telling people my story since 2008!

The FDA warning about NSAID’s agrees, so if you have been taking these type of pain relievers and feel like you have not had any relief, then do yourself a favor and stop taking them for a few weeks to see what you feel like. Here are some other tips.

I hope my story helps you and maybe you have a story similar to this one. Feel free to comment below so others might see they are not alone.

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Flexcin International has been helping people with joint pain since 2000 by making high quality joint supplements based on the ingredient Cetyl Myristoleate (CM8), which holds multiple patents for the treatment of arthritis.You can find more info about Flexcin here, or see our products here.

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