Have Questions About Our Products?


Have Questions About Our Products?


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Are any of Flexcin’s products patented?

A) We do not have a patent on any of our ingredients or products; however, the PROCESS in which our key ingredient, CM8® (Cetyl Myristoleate) is extracted and prepared is patented. We buy the raw material directly from the company that is owned by the discoverer of Cetyl Myristoleate, Dr. Harry Diehl - a former researcher with the National Institutes of Health.

Q) Where does Flexcin make its products?

A) All of our products are proudly manufactured right here in the United States in a state-of-the-art facility located in New York. Our products are created under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices, or G.M.P. The raw materials all come from North American sources.

Q) Is Flexcin publicly traded?

A) No, Flexcin is privately owned by Tamer Elsafy.

Q) Where is Flexcin Located?

A) Flexcin headquarters is located in Southwest Florida.

Q) How long has Flexcin been in business?

A) Flexcin International, Inc. was founded in 2000.

Q) What makes Flexcin different from other products?

A) First of all, Flexcin contains CM8® (cetyl myristoleate). Flexcin’s complete list of ingredients combined with CM8® (cetyl myristoleate) ensures that it is effective against joint discomfort and swelling. It is also very economical. If you purchased the products necessary for the same benefits as the Flexcin formula you would buy 4 or more products every month and take 10 to 15 pills each day. You would likely spend over $100 every month. By taking Flexcin you can save money, take less pills and get the best results possible!

Q) Is Flexcin a drug?

A) No! Flexcin is an all-natural nutritional supplement. Drugs typically perform at levels of 15-20% and only cover up symptoms. Flexcin goes to the root of the problem where it is 80+% effective. The Flexcin formula was designed from the purest all-natural ingredients that are very effective. They also work synergistically for relief from joint and muscle discomfort conditions.

Q) My doctor has prescribed a drug, how will he/she feel about Flexcin?

A) Some doctors are open-minded and there are a growing number who believe in alternative medicine. Then there are those doctors who believe in more traditional drugs. Remember, doctors are educated in Universities, most of which are funded by pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies have salesman who visit doctors’ offices to incentivize them to prescribe their newest drugs. Also remember that drug companies make their money on the patented synthetic products that have terrible side effects. Ingredients that are natural cannot be patented and therefore do not bring in enough money for the pharmaceutical companies.

Q) Who should take Flexcin?

A) Anyone who suffers from any kind of joint or muscle discomfort should take Flexcin.

Q) How does Flexcin work?

A) The key ingredient which sets Flexcin apart from every joint health product is CM8® (cetyl myristoleate). CM8® (cetyl myristoleate) is a natural ingredient that lubricates and reduces swelling in the joints. Flexcin also contains a tested and proven combination of enzymes that aid the body in the digestion and retention of all its ingredients.

Q) Is there anything I can do in addition to using Motion Lotion to improve my condition?

A) We recommend that you also take Flexcin with CM8® in capsule form to target the root of the problem and achieve the greatest results.

Q) What does Motion Lotion smell like?

A) Motion Lotion has a very light natural fragrance that both men and women find pleasant.

Q) How soon after I start using Motion Lotion can I expect to see results?

A) Most of our customers report an immediate improvement in the discomfort or soreness they were experiencing once they start using Motion Lotion. A large percentage of first time Flexcin users purchase Motion Lotion in addition to the capsules in order to get fast relief while the capsules are building up in their systems.

Q) Who should use Motion Lotion?

A) Anyone who wants fast relief for the symptoms associated with sports injuries, repetitive motion discomfort, swollen joint maladies, neck and lower back strain or sprain, muscular and joint aches, and even some types of nerve discomfort.

Q) I would like to return my order, how do I do so?

A) If you have not yet opened your order, you may simply write, return to sender on the package. When we receive your order back, we will process your refund, less any costs for shipping and handling. If you have opened your order and are currently taking one of Flexcin's great products, you are backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee for up to 2 bottles. We ask that you continue taking the product for a full 3-month period to evaluate its efficacy. If after 2 bottles you do not think it is working we will honor a full refund of the product purchase price. Please call 800-505-0575 with any questions about the 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Q) Can I find Flexcin’s products in a store?

We do sell our great products through more than 800 independently owned health food stores, pharmacies and doctor’s offices/veterinary clinics. Please check our store locator to see if there is a store that carries Flexcin near you.

Q) How do I order if I don’t have a credit card?

A) We offer Check by Phone services if you would like to speed up the process. Give us a call at 1-800-505-0575 between the hours of 9am-6pm EST, Mon-Fri and we will be happy to help you with your order.

Q) How do I place an order for one of Flexcin’s products?

A) Placing an order is fast and easy. You can place an order online by clicking here. Or you can call the Flexcin Customer Care Team at 800-505-0575, Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm EST. If you would like to place an order on the weekend or after hours, you may call 800-363-7246, where knowledgeable Flexcin representatives are standing by to take your order.