Exercise: Senior Fitness

Common knowledge tells us Senior Fitness is a crucial component of maintaining a healthy weight, which in turn helps reduce your risk of arthritis. What most people aren’t aware of, are the hidden benefits of exercise during your senior years.

Senior couple running in park

Falls that result in injury, and in severe cases fatality, are quite common among the older demographic. In fact, it is estimated that one-in-three people above the age of 65 will experience at least one fall every year. As it turns out, exercise is a great way to not only prevent falls, but injuries that may result from them.

Exercise helps Prevent Falls and Fall-Related Injuries

Exercise helps to strengthen the muscles and joints that support our body, as well as increase flexibility and range of motion. Many forms of exercise also strengthen balance, and the physiological processes that facilitate movement and coordination. Research has shown that regular exercise can drastically reduce your chances of a fall.

A new study has found that exercise not only reduces the chances of a fall, but can reduce the chances of an injury as a result of falling. Of those who participated in the study, the regular exercisers were 37% less likely to incur an injury after falling, than those who did not exercise. The primary exercises utilized for the study incorporated balance, strength, and functional training.

Get Started!

Unfortunately, as we age the processes and functions that govern balance and coordination slow. Exercise has been shown to decelerate and even reverse the natural decay of these functions. Every stage of life can derive some benefit from exercise, so growing old and/or losing the energy, or ability to exercise, is no excuse.

Check out our resident fitness expert’s blog for more information on getting started with a healthy exercise plan. Strengthen your body and protect yourself from whatever life throws at you!


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