Eat/Drink This (How to Reduce Knee Pain with your Diet)

Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, affects millions of people worldwide. It is caused by the gradual degradation of joint material over time, though it can also be brought about via injury. Unfortunately, the knee is a prime target for this wear-and-tear, which can eventually impair mobility and cause pain. Fight back and reduce knee pain by simply eating or drinking these healthy diet foods!

Red grapes

There’s Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Fish are not only a great source of protein, they contain healthy fats known to reduce inflammation and ease joint pain. Opt for fatty fish that have rich Omega-3 content (ex. salmon, tuna, mackerel), and shoot to get at least two servings per week.

Soybeans are your Friend

Recent research has indicated that consuming soy protein can dramatically reduce the knee discomfort that osteoarthritis causes. The plant hormones in soy have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Soybeans are just once easy source for that healthy soy protein.

Borrow Popeye’s Spinach

Not only is spinach a healthy, muscle-building vegetable, it also contains high amounts of vitamin K. Research has shown that a deficiency in vitamin K is associated with a higher risk of knee osteoarthritis in the elderly. Other leafy greens like kale and collards have similar health benefits.

Coffee (Caffeine)

There’s a reason so many medications contain the ingredient caffeine. Not only can caffeine enhance the effects of pain killing substances such as acetaminophen, it has also been shown to increase your overall pain threshold.

Red Grapes, not Green

Red grapes contain the substance resveratrol, an enzyme that helps prevent the deterioration of joint tissue. Some studies have even shown that resveratrol can help protect the body against the kind of cartilage damage that leads to knee pain.

Eating and drinking these foods can help to reduce knee pain to a certain degree. Depending on the cause and severity, you can typically expect mild to moderate symptom relief. For conditions that are more painful or difficult to handle, consult your doctor for proper treatment.


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