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Prescription Drug Prices Soaring in 2020

Prescription drug companies raise the prices of medications annually. For the past decade, drug prices have been soaring higher and higher with seemingly no end in sight. These price hikes have forced  1 in 10 Americans to ration or cut back on taking their prescription drugs. This is a dangerous practice that has already taken the lives of some Americans and puts many more at risk.

Just one week into 2020, the prices of over 400 drugs have increased according to GoodRx, which tracks the cost of more than 3,500 drugs. Of the drugs that have seen rising prices, most were brand-name products and produced by big pharmaceutical companies like Novartis, Merck, and Allergan.

drug prices

Why the Increase?

All of those prescription drug commercials that are seen on television are expensive to air and produce. Unfortunately, those marketing costs get passed down to the consumer. Also, the costs involved in doing the research, developing the drugs, tests to determine efficacy – all of these factors play a part in the price of prescription medication.

These price increases have led to consumers traveling out of the country to seek lower prices for their medications. Also, congress has been seeking measures to create new laws and rules to govern the prices of drugs. This latest round of price hikes followed a year where lawmakers and the administration spoke optimistically about doing something to limit these price hikes. However, Congress ultimately ended 2019 without any major legislation being enacted, to the frustration of consumers.

All-Natural Alternatives

The new year not only brings higher prescription costs, but many people also resolve to make positive changes in their lives. The goal is to live healthier lifestyles by exercising more, eating better and losing weight. Adding supplements to your routine can help as well.

If you suffer from joint discomfort and are looking for an all-natural approach to relief, we may be able to help you. Fortunately, Flexcin may be able to bring temporary relief to uncomfortable symptoms.* People who seek a natural remedy for joint discomfort often try to stay clear of prescription medication but need something for their joints and inflammation.  A joint supplement like Flexcin may be very helpful for total joint health.* It has zero side effects, is not habit-forming, and contains all-natural ingredients.  

At Flexcin we have put together a high-quality formula based on research for safety and effectiveness in relieving joint discomfort. Flexcin contains CM8 (Cetyl-Myristoleate), Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium, Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Bromelain, and a blend of digestive enzymes.

How Flexcin Goes to Work

Reduces Swelling – Our Flexcin formulas include the natural ingredients that have properties that reduce swelling. These ingredients may help with some types of joint discomfort from swelling in a matter of days.*

Lubrication – A large percentage of joint discomfort is caused by repetitive stress on the joints. Our ingredients may help lubricate joints to move freely and reduce wear and tear.*

Rebuilding Tissues – You can treat the symptoms of joint health fairly easily. However, that doesn’t really do much for long term effectiveness. Our formulas do this by including natural ingredients which are designed to cushion, nourish and re-build joint tissue for long-lasting results.*

For the past 20 years Flexcin provides effective, premium quality, all-natural joint health supplements – we have sold over a million bottles. For more information visit our product catalog today. Furthermore, Flexcin stands behind our products and we offer a 90 day supply of Flexcin, with no financial risk to you. If you’re not satisfied with the results you experience simply return your first order (up to three empty bottles) for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping, and handling.

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