Does Weather actually Affect Joint Pain?

Everyone has heard someone complain about how the weather has affected their joint pain symptoms, but we all wonder if it’s actually true. While it’s true that colder temperatures can contribute to increased stiffness, the jury is still out on whether barometric pressure changes can actually influence joint pain.


According to past studies, approximately two-thirds of people who experience chronic pain claim that they can definitely feel a difference when, and even before, the weather changes. While there is no agreed consensus on specific causes, there are a few generally accepted theories regarding this phenomenon, with the most prominent being the influence of air pressure on our joints.

Changes in Air Pressure

Barometric pressure is the measurement of the weight of air around us. When a storm approaches, barometric pressure drops, which allows for the expansion of tissue that was previously restricted. The expanded tissue can put pressure on the joints, thus causing pain.

Many people who suffer from chronic pain also have nerves that have become hypersensitive through injury, scarring, or general inflammation. The expansion of tissue can also agitate these sensitized nerve endings.

Though there is not yet conclusive evidence regarding the weather’s effect on joint pain, anecdotal evidence points to a link. The majority of people who suffer from arthritis, or some form of joint pain, will confess that they believe the weather does, to some degree, affect their pain and symptoms

Do you feel a difference with joint pain when the weather changes?


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