Ditch the Pain, but Stay in the Dirt With These 4 Tips

Seniors gardening with joint painIs there anything more relaxing than being in the garden and having your hands in the dirt? You enjoy the scents of the outdoors as you run your hands through the leaves of the aromatic herbs and lean in to take a smell of the first rose of the season. Planting seeds and watching them grow is such a joy. Lately though, you’ve noticed that doing the gardening chores that you love to do are a little more difficult because of joint pain. As you age it’s important that you be mindful of your joint health and pain levels. There is no reason to let joint pain keep you from your garden.

Joint supplements offer relief from joint pain symptoms; lessening inflammation, improving mobility, all while decreasing pain levels along with lubricating joints. As a non-medicinal complement to your joint supplement regimen these are steps you can take to make your gardening tasks easier and gain joint pain relief.


1. Raise your gardening beds. Raising your garden beds allows for easier access to the plants. Rather than getting down on your hands and knees, you can sit on a stool or rolling garden cart. Garden beds can even be raised up to table top height so that you can sit in a chair and garden. A raised bed is also good for your plants as you have more control over the soil.


2. Be aware of your body position. Protect your joints from further damage. The positions that we get into when gardening often put undue strain on joints. If you lean in one direction, the body must compensate to keep its balance. Be aware of this shift. Notice where you are putting the pressure and readjust your position. In general your movements should be slow to allow your body to adjust gently. Make sure that the handles on your tools are long enough to keep you from bending into unnatural positions. Purchase hand tools that are ergonomically designed to keep from unnatural strain on wrist and finger joints.


3. Make sure to take breaks. Change your position at least every 15 to 20 minutes. Switch it up; weed for a few minutes, then do some potting of transplants at a table, and then do a walk around the yard to see what else needs to go on your to do list. Changing tasks from sitting to standing to walking and back, gives your joints a break and keeps them from stiffening up.


4. Stay hydrated. Make sure that you keep water with you and drink plenty of it! Hydration is one of the most important things you can do for your joints. The body requires water to keep joints adequately lubricated. If you are out in the hot sun, it’s important to drink even more water as you’ll be sweating more and will need more hydration.


Just because you are aging doesn’t mean you have to deal with pain and be uncomfortable. The joy of gardening doesn’t have to end because of joint pain. Armed with a little information and a good joint supplement regime, you can keep your hands in the dirt!


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