Are Pain Pills the Answer?

Prescriptions for opioid-type painkillers have risen substantially in the United States, but is their rapid growth really warranted?


According to a recent study, prescriptions for opioid painkillers has risen steadily, while prescriptions for non-opioid type pain killers has declined or remained stable, despite no significant change in the total number of visits for pain-related conditions.

Federal government data collected between 2000-2010 showed that prescriptions for non-opioid type painkillers accounted for 26-29% of all visits, while opioid prescriptions nearly doubled from 11 to 19%. Out of all the doctor visits for pain-related conditions in 2010, half prescribed some form of painkiller, with 20% of those being opioid-based. Coincidentally, prescriptions for non-opioid painkillers saw a dramatic drop over this period.

While figures like these typically highlight a new and improved methodology in the medical field of pain treatment, sadly there exists no such new data. In fact, there is no evidence indicating that opioid painkillers are more effective at treating conditions related to musculoskeletal pain.

With the current epidemic of prescription opioid addiction and abuse in the United States, physicians appear to be feeding the fire. Many experts point to an overreliance on prescription opioids for pain treatment, indicating that efforts to improve the treatment for pain related conditions have remained stagnant.

Since opioid-type painkillers pose a threat of addiction and abuse, many doctors are recommending other means of treatment as a first course of action. A surprising number of people find relief from pain through natural means, rather than jumping to pain pills. Statistics have shown that these patients often find long-term relief in conjunction with an overall improvement in their quality of life when using all natural joint pain relief.

No matter your condition one thing remains true: being in pain isn’t fun. Before you jump to a pill, research the alternatives. There are a variety of methods for pain treatment that are natural and far safer than opioid painkillers. Talk to your doctor and make your concerns known. Combating an epidemic begins with the right knowledge.


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