After Eating These 4 Foods, No Sleep for You

Sleep is important. Adequate sleep can help quell the symptoms of arthritis and other painful joint conditions. Rest is the period when your body undertakes most of it’s routine repairs and without enough, those pains and injuries can become progressively worse.


What you eat prior to sleeping can affect the length and quality of your rest. For optimal sleep quality, avoid eating or drinking these four foods before you hit the hay.

  • Coffee. It may seem like a given, but many people still drink coffee long after the sun has gone down. There’s a reason so many college students thrive on coffee late into the night—the caffeine keeps you awake and alert. Caffeine has a relatively long half-life, meaning quantities can remain in your system for many hours after you ingest it.
  • Dark Chocolate. Everyone enjoys a late night snack or dessert—especially those of the chocolate variety. The issue with chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is that it contains caffeine and other ingredients with ‘caffeine-like’ properties.
  • Fatty Foods. Unhealthy fats like those from fried foods can negatively impact your sleep cycle causing frequent interruption and a fragmented sleep cycle. A lack of sleep then causes a craving for foods high in fat and sugar the following day.
  • Spicy Foods. Spicy foods can be devastating to the digestive system. Ever try to go to sleep with indigestion? (It’s not easy). Spicy foods can also increase your overall body temperature making normal, uninterrupted sleep more difficult to achieve.

Try to avoid the aforementioned foods and drink in favor of something lighter and easier on the digestive system. Caffeine is something to avoid late in the day, as is alcohol, if you need to have a night full of uninterrupted rest.


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