8 Ways to Relieve Arthritic Pain Without Drugs

relieve-painSuffering from chronic arthritic pain can be debilitating both physically and emotionally. It can severely limit your day to day activities and cause you to change your way of living. Most people suffering with arthritis are taking some form of prescriptions and many prefer to stay away from narcotic medications. Here are 8 ways to relieve arthritic pain without drugs.

1- Hot and Cold Treatments

  • Applying either heat or coolness to areas suffering from pain is a great form of relief. Heat is typically recommended for chronic pain and cold treatments can assist with the treatment of acute pain.

2- Positive Mindset

  • Your mind has more control over the body than you think. A positive outlook and a sense of humor can go a long way when you are suffering in pain. Happy thoughts keep your brain from concentrating on the pain that you are feeling. Likewise, humor can increase the ability to handle pain and strengthen the immune system

3- Relaxation & Meditation

  • There are several methods of relaxation or meditation that can work to reduce the amount of pain you are feeling. Allowing your muscles to relax and slowing down your thoughts can make a dramatic difference. Some ideas are to take a warm bath with aromatherapy candles, join a gentle yoga class or practice deep breathing.

4- Massage

  • Being able to rid your body of stress and tension can lower the level of pain in your body. However, it is imperative that you find a massage professional who knows what they are doing and can take proper care of your body.

5- Exercise

  • Depending on your condition, various forms of exercise can alleviate your physical discomforts. Body flexibility and joint mobility can lift your spirits and also decrease pain.

6- Acupuncture

  • Acupuncture is a non-traditional form of pain treatment. This complimentary practice inserts fine needles into the body at certain points called “meridians” and aids in pain relief.

7- Topical Lotions

  • Topical lotions are a temporary remedy that are applied to the skin to bring much needed pain relief. Most topical lotions containing salicylates of capsaicin which decreases the sensitivity to pain.

8- All Natural Supplements

  • Joint supplements, such as our FlexCin supplement product are a great way to reduce the amount of pain you are in without taking narcotics. They have many great benefits in reducing your pain and increasing joint flexibility and mobility.

It is advisable that you seek counsel from your medical professional before trying any exercise or supplemental products. They will know the extent of your condition and can make the most informed suggestions for you. However, many of these suggestions are centered around having an uplifting spirit and allowing your mind to have power over your body. Trying these techniques can significantly improve your quality of life and hopefully dramatically reduce or even eliminate the amount of pain you endure.

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