7 Sleep Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis

sleep remedies for rheumatoid arthritis With all the tossing and turning all night long, the throbbing knee pain, and a general sense of discomfort can make sleeping with rheumatoid arthritis exhausting. If you don’t get quality sleep and you have RA, you could get trapped in a viscous cycle. Your energy levels will be down, you won’t exercise or eat well, and your pain levels will rise. Your sleep habits won’t keep you rested and you’ll begin the cycle again. Good sleep is crucial to managing your disease. In order to take on each day with optimism and success, we recommend these 7 sleep remedies for rheumatoid arthritis.

1. Hot Shower

  • A hot shower can be relaxing whether you have RA or not. The combination of heat and water can also act as a mini hydrotherapy session for your muscles and joints. Complete this routine with soothing lotion after the shower and you’ll be set for a good night’s sleep.

2. Practice meditation

  •  The goal of meditation is to relax the mind. Once you have a quiet mind, sleeping will become much easier. Meditating quietly in a dimly lit area and focusing on relaxing images can help. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, calm anxiety, and increase focus.

3. Elevate your legs

  • If your affected joints are your knees or ankles, it will help to elevate the legs during your nightly routine. Slide a pillow under your legs to alleviate pressure and inflammation in the joints. With your legs in a comfortable position, falling asleep will be much easier.

4. Ice

  • Having sore joints, inflammation, and pain can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to sleep. Before you go to bed, give your problem joints a good icing down. This should soothe any soreness and swelling

5. Heat

  • On the other end of the spectrum is heat, which can also help with sore joints. Sleeping with heat could soothe and loosen up stiff areas. A heated water bed, heated mattress, or an electric blanket can all aid in keeping your joints comfortable while you slip into dreamland.

6. Keep distractions out of the way

  • It’s important that your bedroom and your bed are used for sleeping only. Keep distractions like pets, children, or televisions out of your resting place. This will train your mind and body that your bed is only for sleeping.

7. Change your lifestyle

  • These efforts may be fruitless if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle. Managing your RA takes patience, as well as a healthy diet and exercise routine. A combination of these sleep remedies and a healthy lifestyle will be the key to your success in keeping your symptoms to a minimum.


Sleep is imperative to your mind, body, and health. Dealing with RA can be overwhelming – this is why resting at night is so important. In order to manage your disease, keep inflammation and pain levels down, and keep your spirits up, you’ll need to put into practice the best tricks out there to get a good night’s sleep. Sleepless nights could set you up for pain-filled days and we know you don’t want that. There are several ways to deal with arthritis pain, sleep and exercise are just two ways. Another helpful additional to your daily diet is an all natural joint supplement. Joint supplements can help build up that cartilage that is wearing down, as well as reduce pain and swelling. Not sure what type of joint supplement you need? We can help. Download our free eBook: How To Choose The Right Joint Supplement by clicking the image below.

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