5 Ways To Postpone Joint Replacement Surgery

joint replacement surgery Standing up, sitting down, getting in and out of the car, participating in your favorite sports, or just sleeping at night can all become painful when you suffer from arthritis. Simple daily tasks take more time and in some cases, cannot be done. Dealing with these challenges every day can be frustrating and feel hopeless. At some point, you want to throw your hands up and say you’re done. This may make you want to replace your joint completely. Joint replacement surgery can come up as an option, but the complications and risks that come with it can make the decision a tough one. This type of surgery can be costly, carry health risks, and limit physical activity. Research has established that it should be your last option when it comes to arthritis treatment. How can you put off joint replacement surgery? There are several steps you can take to postpone total joint replacement surgery.

1. Exercise

When you’re in pain, we know the last thing you want to hear is the word “exercise”. It seems to contradict your end goal: to not be in pain. It’s easy to think that you should just rest your joints. However, the health of your knees depends on movement. Strong muscles support the joints and relieve pressure. Exercise helps keep tissues in the joint flexible, lubricated and filled with nutrients that encourage healing. Too much rest will increase stiffness and may result in more pain. There are low impact exercises, like walking that can avoid further knee damage, but still allow you to gain the benefits of movement.

2. Braces

Depending on what type of arthritis you have, your doctor and physical therapist can recommend the correct brace for you. Braces can provide support, cushion, and protection for your joints. It can also keep your joint in alignment, resulting in less pain. On a surface level, braces allow other people to know that you are injured, allowing them to approach you and your affected joints with caution. Braces aren’t a cure for joint issues, they are just one part of the solution.

3. Electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation works by placing pads attached to an electric stim device on the muscles you want to strengthen. It encourages the weaker muscles to contract during exercise to improve strength more quickly.The stim increases blood flow in the muscles and also stimulates the larger nerve fibers that can override the smaller nerve fibers that produce pain. Electrical stimulation can help you get back to a more functional state with your joints.

4. Hyaluronic acid injections

These types of injections are often used for knee arthritis. They supplement a naturally occurring lubricant that is normally missing in the joints of people who have arthritis. Your doctor may offer these shots as an option to postpone joint replacement surgery. The goal of these shots is to reduce pain and increase function and mobility of the affected joints.

5. Joint Supplements

Adding an all natural joint supplement to your daily diet can help many of your arthritis issues. Joint supplements have ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory properties and cartilage rebuilding power. The goal of integrating a joint supplement in your daily routine is to decrease stiffness, increase joint mobility, prevent further joint degeneration, and stimulate lubrication in the joints. Joint supplements can act as preventative care for progressing arthritis and avoiding joint replacement surgery.

Surgery to replace your arthritic joints is a big decision, but it shouldn’t be your only one. By keeping active, using a brace, or trying electrical stimulation, you can reduce your pain levels, but also avoid joint replacement surgery. In the end, you may need surgery, but first you should try all options possible. With decreased pain levels and inflammation, you can get back to doing the activities you love stress free. If you’re looking to incorporate a joint supplement to your daily diet and aren’t sure which one is for you, we can help. Download our free eBook How To Choose The Right Joint Supplement by clicking the image below.



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