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New Study Suggests Mirror Therapy Can Reduce Arthritis Pain

Often used as a pain-relieving treatment for amputees with phantom limb pain, mirror therapy is now believed to help people who suffer from arthritis as well. The study’s findings are important because the treatment relies more on a cognitive approach to pain relief instead of physically altering treatments such as drugs.

How the Treatment Works

Mirror therapy basically creates an optical illusion which tricks your brain into perceiving a lack of pain. The limb or extremity experiencing pain is concealed by a mirror which is used to reflect another individual’s healthy limb to appear as if it is part of the subject. The subject’s hand movements are mimicked by the person in order to deceive the brain into thinking the healthy functioning extremity was their own, thus relieving any psychologically induced pain. The therapy can also be done with just the individual if only one limb or extremity is affected by a condition.

Researchers at the University of California found that after using mirror therapy on 8 patients with arthritis, they reported a decrease in pain of about 1.5 points on a 10 point scale after just one minute of treatment. This is a valuable finding as it appears to be a cost-effective treatment for a condition which causes severe, prolonged pain.

Despite the positive findings, many believe more research needs to be conducted before the treatment is considered truly viable in the long run. There are currently 50 million Americans who suffer from arthritis, so further research on this inexpensive, non-damaging treatment, like an all natural joint supplement, is highly valuable.

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