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New Implant Promises Joint Regeneration

Modern implants serve to replace degenerated and broken joints in the body. Joint replacement has become a popular surgery, with the hip and knee being the most commonly operated on. In fact, approximately 800,000 Americans have a hip or knee replaced each year. With the advancement in joint replacement technology, other commonly affected areas can now be operated on as well. The fingers are an area that was previously inoperable because of the size and mechanics of the digits. A new type of implant has just been introduced that will allow successful joint replacement and even assist with re-growth of natural cartilage and fibrous tissue.

Replacement joints are typically constructed out of strong metals like titanium and designed to last for decades. The new joint replacement was designed by Finland’s Tampere University of Technology, and is actually biodegradable. It is made from a polylactide copolymer, and intended to be used in smaller joints like the fingers. Rather than removing large sections of bone for metal implants, the material will be inserted alongside the natural joint and provide structural support.

This joint pain remedy‘s intended consequence will be strengthening of surrounding tissue which will promote re-growth and repair of the joint area. The joint replacement will eventually disintegrate, which makes the whole process easier on the body. Patients are to expect quicker recovery periods, a lessened chance of rejection, and stronger/longer-lasting joints. The newly designed implants have completed clinical trials and should be available to the public soon.

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