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A Guide to Stretching

Stretching is often overlooked as an important aspect of exercise. When it is practiced, it is typically a precursor to some other form of exercise. Stretching alone can provide a multitude of health benefits many people are unaware of. It can increase flexibility, improve the range of motion in your joints, and relieve symptoms associated with health conditions like arthritis. Stretching for just a few minutes every day can have significant health benefits in the long run.

Contrary to popular belief, stretching should not be the first step in your exercise routine. A light warm-up for 10 minutes should precede any stretching. This allows your muscles and ligaments to be stimulated before they are subjected to strenuous motions. As we get older, it is especially important to stretch before you exercise, as joints become worn from years of repetitive usage. Specific muscles should be targeted as well to help strengthen the important weight-bearing areas. The hips, thighs, and back all do a good majority of the work involved in walking, running, or any other physical activity. Follow these stretching tips and exercises to target these areas:

Arthritis is a common condition that over time limits the mobility and flexibility of those affected. Aside from typical treatments such as chondroprotectantsjoint pain relief natural supplements, NSAIDs, and other medication, stretching and exercise are the best course of action for helping to prevent the painful and debilitating symptoms caused by the condition. Stretching can make physical activities more endurable thus enabling a more active lifestyle which prevents the onset of obesity, another contributing factor to arthritis and bad joints.

Many trainers and physical therapists advocate post-workout stretching as well. It has a wide range of benefits not just limited to physical mobility. It can have positive psychological effects and stimulate blood flow and neuron activity. Stretching can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. It is most beneficial right after waking or before exercising but does not need to be limited to these times. The more often you stretch the better, particularly if you have a job that requires long periods of sitting or immobility. Give stretching a try and see the results for yourself, it’s easy and fun!

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